Thursday, June 11, 2009

From Extraordinary to Something More Mundane

I'm pretty sure nothing will be able to top the amazing time I had last weekend for quite awhile. So to put down something on the side of the less than extraordinary I offer up some of what I did yesterday.

Above is a photo of all the parts that have broken and/or had to be replaced since getting to Bolivia. From left to right: Fork that I broke in Sorata last weekend. Hub, I rebuilt my fork with new sliders and now have a 20 mm through-axle, so the old hub had to come off. Bottom bracket that was toast before I even got here. Brakes that were half way to being junk when I arrived.

Coming soon: Pictures of my bike with a ton of new parts! I still need to replace my drivetrain, but since I just spent $180 on my fork and hub the drivetrain will have to wait for awhile. Take my word though, she is looking pretty nice.

So after spending about 4 hours working on my bike I then went home and did my laundry... by hand. I decided to start doing it myself (instead of taking it to the laundry lady across the street) for two reasons: 1) I get charged 10 bs. per kg. of laundry, this doesn't sound like much but it's really easy to spend between 50 and 100 bs. every time I do laundry. 2) Every time, and I mean every time, inexplicably she doesn't have my socks done and I have to pick them up the next day or several days later because I have to work. I'm totally done with having my socks in limbo all the time!
Some may ask, well why not go to the laundromat? If you can find me a laundromat in Bolivia I will... so far I haven't seen one anywhere. So for about 22 bs. worth of detergent (that I can use for at least 10 laundry sessions) and some sort of laundry soap bar, I did my laundry in the outside sink of my house. Not too bad actually, I put on the iPod and had a mini dance session while I worked... it only took about half an hour.

So basically I just saved $10 that goes to the "my bike broke again" fund. Sweet!


  1. Ugh, sounds awful. I already hate laundy and I have a machine that does it for me! Next you'll be telling me you *gasp* do dishes by hand! Son, you got to git yurself back to 'Merica where it's civilized.

  2. ^^^ Next thing you know he'll be talking about how all he really needs is good food and recreation. That he'd skip the corner office for some clean hard work. That he'd rather ride his bike in the jungle than rumble the streets in a blingin' new SUV.

    I'm a little concerned. He seems to be losing touch with good old American values.

  3. Uh oh, I better get a Hummer before GM sells out... and dammit where is my big screen LCD? I need to put in some more hours in the office so I can afford to veg out and forget about my terrible life.