Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mmmmm.... food.

I want to start this post with a picture of what you can buy at the cheapest market in La Paz. For 49 bs. ($7) you get: 4 medium onions, 8 tomatoes, approx. 1/2 lb. fresh basil, approx. 1 lb. spinach, a bulb of garlic, 5 slices of whole wheat bread (so thick it's like a full loaf), 3 large avocados, approx. 1 lb. of Argentinean Gueyere, and approx. 3 lbs. of carrots. No joke. And, it's all organic because few Bolivian farms can afford to use pesticides or herbicides. Did I mention I love Bolivia...

Another reason Bolivia rules. Coca-Cola made with REAL sugar, and in a bottle containing a portion that doesn't make you sick. 190 ml bottle is only 1 1/2 bs. That's roughly 6 ounces of pure goodness for about 21 cents. Coupled with a salteƱa it's the perfect snack if you're feeling like rebelling against all that veggie goodness above.

In case anyone's curious, that's my house on the left. Photo taken from our patio/parking area.

The wall that separates our house from the street. Note the broken glass cemented into the top of the wall and the barb wire, quite the theft deterrent.

The view out from the back of our house. You can see El Alto up above where all the antennas are located.

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