Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Sunday I had the opportunity to ride, literally, the most gnarly and technical downhill singletrack I've ever ridden. The first section had great views of Illimani, a 21,184 ft. snowcapped monster. I spent much of the day trying to get photos specifically for Gravity Bolivia. The three clients on this trip had it pretty good with a 1:1 guide ratio, awesome riding, and great views.

Phil with Illimani and the flat topped Mount Mururala in the background. Legend has it that Illimani became jealous of Mururala, who once stood taller, and threw a stone at Mururala, slicing off its head and leaving behind a shorter flat peak.

Ben catching some serious air.

On the way to our second single-track. Pre-Incan ruins that are burial structures.

Heavily laden donkeys in a village we rode through. On the trail we also spotted a herd of sheep and an old man who walked across the entire valley to see his family. He had on his Sunday best and must of walked well over 10 miles and climbed roughly 4,000 ft. all in a suit!

The steepest switchbacks I have ever ridden... the photo doesn't even come close to doing the angles justice.

Ben with more vertical release. He landed so hard the rear tube popped.

Nice open single-track before the gnarly descent.

T-Rex Ben!

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